Understanding Okinawa Kenpo: Be True to the Music

Dojo Kun

This is  the Okinawa Kenpo Dojo Kun found in hundreds of martial arts schools.

 Look on your Dojo wall. If it is an image that resembles this AND your school teaches some variance of Okinawa Kenpo, Ryukyu Kempo, Okinawan Karate- the calligraphy is done by Taketo Nakamura, Grandmaster of Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo. Saiko Shian Nakamura is the son of the late Shigeru Nakamura. In this coming year- be true to your kata, kobudo, kumite and shin. Only you know your karate best. Do not hesitate to question, practice, “fight” (in the bogu gear of course)  and live karate every day.

One response to “Understanding Okinawa Kenpo: Be True to the Music

  1. Gonzo- this is your old student Beth. I would love to connect with you. and catch up. If you are teaching again I am really interested in finding out some more information on that! I think about it all the time and just randomly googled Okinawa Kenpo and here you are. I am not sure the best way to get my contact info to you?

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