How to Tie Your Belt-the Okinawa Kenpo Way

Okinawa Kenpo is rich in tradition with regards to kata (non-weapons based forms) and kobudo (weapons-based forms).  It has an amazing array of formulated nerve strikes, “knock out” points, joint locks, ground fighting and a myriad of internal dynamic Ki building exercises that are specialized in the Okinawa Kenpo curriculum.  The problem is very few people were lucky to study for a really long time in Okinawa under different Okinawa Kenpo sensei as well as not having enough opportunity to “enjoy” the mulitiple kumi-te waza (no rules, no gear, full contact fighting, usually involving Marines or other service personnell.)

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Yes, this means you.

The problem with Okinawan Karate, at least for Okinawa Kenpo, is that it seems it clearly was not learned as a whole system.

Too many Chiefs not enough Scouts

Some karateka “only” do empty hand forms. Some karateka “specialize in weapons.” Other karateka never kumite. The list goes on.  I am proud to be a practitioner of Okinawa Kenpo.  I understand many of my sempai have “moved on” to other forms and often relegate Okinawa Kenpo as a type of  Classical Okinawan Karate heirloom. Okinawa Kenpo to folks have been a memory of a time in their lives that had a sad ending.  Well my friends, Okinawa Kenpo is alive and well. It lives and breathes in places that time has forgotten.  Okinawa Kenpo is not only a “concept” or an “association”- it is a dream that my teachers, Seikichi Odo, Seijiro Maehara, Hideo Henzan – as well as my mother and father, (Elodia Flores, 9th dan Okinawa Kenpo and Nick Flores, 10th dan, Okinawa Kenpo) that continues to live on in  my dojo and many other dojos around the world.

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

My goal is to continue to teach, transmit and illustrate the power and brilliance of Okinawa Kenpo.  Okinawa Kenpo is not a thing of the past. It is not an art that “died” over a decade ago.  It is an art that has survived our Ryu Ha of over a 1000 years.  I want to make sure it continues for another 1000 years.

So dust off that gi! Start over. Put on a gi with no patches! Let’s begin.

Let’s get Back to Basics

“How to Tie your Belt.”  You would be surprised how many people do not know how to tie their belt the Okinawa Kenpo way.  I hope you enjoy the video below.

Keep on training! I will see you in the dojo.

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