On Ko Chi Shin 温故知新

温故知新 or “On Ko Chi Shin” roughly translates as “study the old, understand the new.”  It is a maxim found in all martial arts. My sensei would say “keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future.”  At the time he was referring to “a true” kobudo application of a defensive maneuver involving multiple assailants with implements of minor and mass destruction.  They say the old ways Okinawan Karate have been erased with time.

I don’t believe that. Neither should you.

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Okinawa Kenpo “old school” style


Your Sensei Gets Graded 

My parents, Nick and Elodia Flores were here recently.  They were visiting up here to see their grandchildren.  (Of course.)  They gave an impromptu seminar on Okinawa Weapons training.
The thing I did not know is that they were also “grading” my performance as a karate sensei and individual following the path of Kobudo (古武道) which is always mistakenly named for “weapons arts.”  The true translation of the Kobudo is to look at the breakdown of the calligraphy:
古  “ko” means ‘ancient’
武    “bu” means ‘martial’
道   “do” means ‘way’
Odo Sensei
Without my knowledge, I received a karate certificate in the mail this week from them.  They had conferred with other Okinawan sensei in Okinawa.  Your sensei (me) has been promoted to 8th dan 八段.  In addition, I now hold the rank of Shihan 師範 (master teacher) and am now recognized as an eighth degree black belt in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo.  For more information on belt ranks in martial arts click here.
Okinawa Kenpo Splinter Sensei
“Wait! What? I knew something was going on…”
Needless to say, I am shocked. So I need to stop writing for now and get back to the dojo to train.

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