Ancient Life Protection

Classical Okinawan Karate: 

Unique in it’s Ancient Past and Modern Art

Classical Okinawan Karate traces it’s roots back over 1000 years on the island of Okinawa.  It is a martial art which originates among the indigenous people of the archipelago of the Ryukyu islands.  The largest of these is the island of Okinawa located just over 400 miles south of the mainland of Japan.

Okinawa is the birthplace of all karate in the world practiced today.  It is a unique blend of geometric movements and formations known as “kata” that employ empty hand as well as weapons-based forms.

What makes our style of karate unique is that this system of “Okinawa Kenpo” includes empty hand kata from Naha-Te, Shuri-Te and Tomari-Te styles as well as eleven distinct kobudo & kobujutsu  (weapons arts) lineages unique to Okinawa.

Okinawa Kenpo Karate Kobudo is a life-protection art that carries the legacy and culture of the Ryukyu people. Our school traces it’s unique karate lineage to the legendary Naha “Bushi” Sakiyama who began to teach villagers outside the royal court of Okinawa in 1472.

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