Karate Seminars

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon presents:

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

An Okinawan Kobudo Seminar

with Dean Stephens, 10th dan, Okinawa Kenpo

Classical Okinawan Karate shares a 1000 year history in the arena of martial arts. We proudly present Dean Stephens, a world class empty hands and weapons master of the Ryukyu and Okinawan martial arts. Sensei Stephens began his training in Sumo in Japan in 1960. During the Vietnam war he began his training under the late Seikichi Odo, one of the ‘old ways’ karate masters of Okinawa legend. 

Dates: Saturday August 9th & Sunday August 10th, 2014

Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12:00 noon till 5:30pm

Fee: $99 for one day, $169 for both days. Cash Only.

Location: Seshinkan- Karate on Main Dojo. 12566 SW Main, Tigard, Oregon 97223.  www.karateonmain.com 

For more info contact: Gonzo Flores 503-680-2387 or visit www.kenpo97219.com 

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