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The Once and Future King, Part 2: Crossroads of Okinawa Kenpo

At this juncture it is important to provide some clarification on the Okinawa Kenpo lineage and style decisions that were made about the events after Shigeru Nakamura passed away.  I will phrase them in the forms of questions in order to provide the most concise and clear information to date.

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The Once and Future King: Okinawa Kenpo, A History (Part 1)

The late great Shigeru Nakamura tells us  “there is no RyuHa (meaning there is no such thing as a style) in Karate.”  In one noted meeting to a group of younger karateka, Nakamura continues:  “Karate originates from the same universal ‘body’ of knowledge.  Karate consists of many singular unique expressions of the same body of information.”

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Shigeru Nakamura, (1894-1969).

Shigeru Nakamura firmly believed there was no “one style” of karate.  He thought the divisions of karate styles would only bring the downfall and demise of a great combat tested martial art.

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World Walker Way

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Seikichi Odo, (1926-2002).


This is  my martial arts blog. It is dedicated to martial arts in particular the art of the Ryukyu islands and its influences. The most influential karate sensei of my life was the late Seikichi Odo. His name roughly translated to “World Walker” and by that standard, he spread Okinawa Kenpo around the world. My goal is to blog my way through this thing called karate and continue his spirit of the World Walker Way.