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On Ko Chi Shin 温故知新

温故知新 or “On Ko Chi Shin” roughly translates as “study the old, understand the new.”  It is a maxim found in all martial arts. My sensei would say “keep one foot in the past and one foot in the future.”  At the time he was referring to “a true” kobudo application of a defensive maneuver involving multiple assailants with implements of minor and mass destruction.  They say the old ways Okinawan Karate have been erased with time.

I don’t believe that. Neither should you.

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Okinawa Kenpo “old school” style


World Walker Way

Okinawa Kenpo of Oregon

Seikichi Odo, (1926-2002).


This is  my martial arts blog. It is dedicated to martial arts in particular the art of the Ryukyu islands and its influences. The most influential karate sensei of my life was the late Seikichi Odo. His name roughly translated to “World Walker” and by that standard, he spread Okinawa Kenpo around the world. My goal is to blog my way through this thing called karate and continue his spirit of the World Walker Way.